06.06 Shopee Promo


The 06.06 promo is back! Gear yourself up for some amazing promos on Shopee that will be ongoing today. Getting a dose of 2 servings of greens on a daily basis can be a fun and attractive one especially with our specialty greens! Savour the crisp texture of the ice plant and a burst of himalayan pink salt. Alternatively, if you prefer vibrant flavours, try our sorrel mixes for a burst of lemony flavour!

Shopee 06.06 Deals

5% Off Classic Mix

24% Off Sorrel Mix

5% Off 3x Crunchy Classics

9% Off 2x Savoury Ice Plant

11% Off 2x Tangy Sorrel 

Aren’t the deals enticing enough? Get yours at Shopee today!