RedMart Great Grocery Fair


There is no need to panic over the news of Malaysia halting chicken exports to Singapore! Being reliant on food exports, it leaves us vulnerable to supply related challenges in changing times. What better way to cope with it by supplementing your diet with some local greens. In conjunction with RedMart, we’re having the Great Grocery Fest running from 1st June till 7th June. You’ll be delighted with the variety of greens you’d be able to get at a discounted price.

Without any further delay, here are the promotion details!

5% Off Just Salad Crunchy Classics (100g)

10% Off Just Salad Tangy Sorrel (100g), Just Salad Zesty Mustard (100g) & Just Salad: Savoury Ice Plant (120g) 

15% Off Just Sorrel (20g)

20% OffJust Ice Plant (50g)

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