Wonder what makes our products different from the rest?

We bring you the freshest, most nutritious and flavourful vegetables! Wait, that's not all, we have 3 unique products, namely the Ice Plant, Mustard and Sorrel. Let's delve into what makes our products special!

The Ice Plant is native to the African continent and it is adapted to grow in soil with high salt content and low rainfall. Typical plants will not be able to grow well in these conditions but the Ice Plant is able to deposit the salt along the leaf edge and the stem to prevent damage to the plant. This gives rise to the unique salty taste that you’ll experience when you consume the Ice Plant.

Beware our mustard leaf, it might look harmless but it packs a punch. What most people say about our mustard leaf is that it tastes very much like wasabi. This is a great addition to spice up your mealtimes by offering it to unsuspecting guests.

Our red-veined sorrel is also a treat to look out for! This carries a tangy flavour described to be similar to that of a lemon. When looking to brighten up your dish with some colour and flavours, the sorrel leaf fits the bill to take your taste buds on an adventure.

With all these unique products, are you convinced that preparing meals can be a fun-filled activity where you incorporate all these elements to elevate the depth of your cooking?