Avocado Mustard Sandwich

Easy to hold and simple to eat, sandwiches are a winner when it comes to snacking in between meetings. Our Avocado Mustard Sandwiches feature a combo of creamy mayonnaise and chopped-up peppery mustard leaves, almost reminiscent of wasabi mayo. Warning: *very* addictive!

Noob cook difficulty level: 0


1 large ripe Avocado 

2 tbsp Kewpie Mayonnaise 

Just Mustard

Salt and Pepper to taste

White Bread


  1. Mash Avocado. Then, add mayonnaise. The mixture should be close to a paste, with only small pieces of Avocado for some texture. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 
  2. Add chopped Just Mustard leaves into the mixture.
  3. Spread evenly over bread slices.
  4. Place remaining bread slices over filling.
  5. Slice sandwiches in half and serve. Enjoy!