Crunchy Classics Chicken Taco Jar

Hearty meals on the go should never be a chore to prepare. This taco jar recipe is a quick one that only takes 20 minutes to prepare. Your tastebuds will be delighted by the multitude of textures you’re going to experience with every mouthful. Give it a go and add your own twists to this recipe!

Noob cook difficulty level: 0


30g Just Mesclun: Crunchy Classics 

Tortilla Chips

Canned Corn 

Air Fried Chicken Breast Cubes

Guacamole Dressing


  1. Layer the base of the Jar with Guacamole Dressing.
  2. Add in Crunchy Classics and Canned Corn before adding another layer of the Guacamole Dressing.
  3. Add in Chicken Breast Cubes, Crunchy Classics before topping it off with crushed Tortilla Chips.
  4. Shake before serving!