Spicy Mustard Pesto Pizza

Looking for a simple snack in between meals? Our Spicy Mustard Pesto Pizza is here to save your hungry tummy. All this recipe needs is only 15 minutes of your time before you can finally dig in! Try out the recipe today.

Noob cook difficulty rating: ✅


Mustard Pesto Sauce

½ cup Roasted nuts

½ cup Pumpkin seeds

¼ cup Sunflower seeds 

6 cloves of Garlic (crushed)


Wholemeal Bread (toasted)

Mozzarella Cheese 






  1. Toss Roasted nuts, Pumpkin seeds and Sunflower seeds into a bowl and cover with warm water. Allow them to soak for 4 to 6 hours, before draining and rinsing well.
  2. Place soaked ingredients into a food processor and Garlic into a food processor. Blend until combined. Toss in Mustard greens, salt and pulse for a few seconds.
  3. Turn the food processor on and slowly pour in Olive Oil until it forms a smooth and uniform paste.
  4. Assemble by layering Mozzarella Cheese, Ham, Pepperoni, Tomatoes and Olives over the Pesto Sauce on the toasted Wholemeal Bread. 
  5. Place it into the airfryer for 5 mins at 160℃ and it’s ready to be served!